Skating Lessons

We teach anything from the absolute basics of roller skating to ramp skating, dance skating, speed, you name it!

What Level Am I?

Not sure what your roller skating level is or which class is right for you? See what is covered in each lesson below.

Please note that when booking a lesson you will be asked to select your skill level. All skill levels are welcome here, however skaters wanting to learn dance skating, and outdoor skating must know skate basics, i.e. skating forward and backwards, stopping, and turning.


Kid’s Beginner Lessons

  • How to properly put on your skates

  • How to transition from carpet to skate floor

  • How to fall safely

  • How to balance on one leg at a time

  • How to “cannonball” or squat low on skates

  • How to turn

  • How to drag your toe-stop


Kid’s Intermediate Lessons

  • How to “T-stop”

  • How to crossover turn

  • How to turn around

  • How to “Turn around toe-stop”

  • How to go backwards

  • How to “shoot the duck”

  • How to pick up speed

  • How to jump

  • How to “weave”


Kid’s Advanced Lessons

  • Hot to spin

  • How to “180”

  • How to “360”

  • How to “coffin”

  • How to dance skate

LEarn more about our roller skating lesson by selecting which class you are interested in: