Kids Skating Classes

Each of our kids roller skating classes come in a series. Each series is a four class package that will teach your child all the fundamentals of roller skating for that skill level. Every class is one hour and will cover different skating skills covered in the lesson plan.

Kid’s Beginner Series


  • How to properly put on your skates

  • How to transition from carpet to skate floor

  • How to fall safely

  • How to balance on one leg at a time

  • How to “cannonball” or squat low on skates

  • How to turn

  • How to drag your toe-stop

Kid’s Intermediate Series


  • How to “T-stop”

  • How to crossover turn

  • How to turn around

  • How to “Turn around toe-stop”

  • How to go backwards

  • How to “shoot the duck”

  • How to pick up speed

  • How to jump

  • How to “weave”

  • How to spin

  • How to “180”

  • How to “360”

  • How to “coffin”

  • How to dance skate

  • Advanced students have more say in what they are learning and the direction of their skate journey.

Kid’s Advanced Lessons

base Curriculum

Lesson One: Getting Started.

In this lesson you will learn how to put your skates on properly, correct skating posture, how to transition from carpet to skate floor, how to skate forward and how to fall safely.

Lesson Two: How low can you go?

In this lesson you will learn how to “cannonball” and getting back to standing from a “cannonball.” You will also start turning through cones to understand how to turn.

Lesson Three: Balance is key!

In this lesson you will learn how to go from one foot to the other, balancing on each foot. In turn you learn the importance on using each foot equally.  You will also learn how to glide!

Lesson Four: STOP! In the name of love!

Today you will learn how to drag your two-stop to stop going forward. You will also test out of all the skills you have learned in previous lessons.